Course in English

Let the Qi flow
This course will combine mindful sitting and walking meditation with 5 elements Qi Gong exercises in motion. In this combination of calm and gentle movement, we’ll promote a refined feeling for the body, the breath, the thought and emotion processes, as well as inner and outer stability.

 Course content:

  • Qi Gong exercises in motion
  • Mindful meditation in sitting and walking
  • Body scan
  • Self-massage and acupressure

Your Benefits

  • Finding stability, grounding and rooting
  • Feel "at ease" with yourself
  • Learning to anchor and develop stability in the present moment
  • Enjoying “me-time”
  • Reduce the feeling of tension and find peace
  • Improve body perception and feel more agile
  • Become aware of the stress-exacerbating thoughts and learn a new way to deal with them
  • Get to know meditative exercises both in silence and in motion and use them for yourself in everyday life
  • Develop a mindful and self-sustaining attitude - for greater ease and enjoyability in everyday life
  • Meet and exchange with other people

Interested persons with and without previous knowledge are welcome. In addition to curiosity and a spirit of research, please bring comfortable clothes. Mats, seat cushions, blankets are available on site. We will practice in a small group of min 5/max. 6 people.

Achtsamkeitsabende in the Tree

As a Qi Gong and mindfulness trainer I am into supporting people to live more happily, joyfully and aware of their individual needs. If we conciously reduce the pace, we create moments where we can discover something new. Eva Neumayer-Steiof

Dates: Wednesday 3:00– 4:00 pm, 22nd March – 31st May 2023, alternative date if required 21st June 2023 (no course on 05th April 2023 due to Easter vacation)

Closing date: 15th March 2023

Course location: Gesundheitszentrum the Tree, Fasholdgasse 3/7, 1130 Wien (approx. 5 walking minutes from U4 Hietzing)

Price: € 150

Further information & registration:, 0699 117 26 777


About Qi Gong

Find peace in gentle movement and feel energetic and internally balanced.

Qi Gong is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It represents a way to become active in order to maintain health (physical and psychological) or to come back into harmony.

It is suitable for

  • anyone who finds tranquility in motion,
  • relaxing body and mind with flowing movements,
  • feeling more energy, strength and (inner and outer) stability in everyday life.

About Mindfulness

„Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally“. Jon Kabat-Zinn

Through mindfulness practice, we learn to consciously live the now, to appreciate and enjoy the moment in all it’s different facets. Thereby, the BEING is placed in the center and one’s breath, body, feelings and thoughts are perceived more clearly. It is a journey of discovery of oneself, accompanied by an inner attitude of curiosity, kindness, acceptance and openness. Mindfulness meditation gives you the opportunity to explore yourself, to recognize your boundaries, to center yourself, to stabilize and to get some peace.